Attention Coaches, Consultants and Owners of Service Businesses:

Build Your Brand One Story At A Time

"How To Use Storytelling To Explain What You Do, How You Do It And Why You Do It Better Than Anybody Else"

Do you hesitate to talk about yourself because you don't want to sound sales-y or pushy?

Do you have a bland, me-too brand that doesn't capture your energetic, unique style?

Do you find that people know what you do, but not why you're good at doing it?

Do you want to tell stories but you never did the "rags to riches" journey (and anyway you'd rather not get too personal with your audience)?

Are you promoting a program that's hard to explain to your clients (and you need to find a way to help them "get it?")

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're probably facing a challenge common to many business owners: how to promote yourself professionally without sounding like you're standing on a corner selling used cars. Or you're spending way too much time trying to find the perfect words to describe a new program or product.

Besides, your clients suffer from content overwhelm. You need to entertain and engage your clients to hold their interest. Marketers tell us that storytelling is a surefire strategy for commanding attention.

But you also need to be aware that sharing the wrong story will get attention you don't want: you actually undermine your brand and turn off your ideal clients. People remember your story for a long, long time.

Your best story may not begin with "Once upon a time."

Many of us have heard of the traditional hero's journey story. It's a good one or your portfolio, especially if you've really gone from rags to riches and can help others join you in the winners' circle.

But what if you've never walked in the shoes of your clients and you still need to be authentic and professional? You don't have to have a heart attack to be a cardiologist. What if you're building your brand and your story needs to showcase your offer - not focus on you?

Build your brand with these 3 stories.

branding with storytelling by Cathy Goodwin I'm Dr. Cathy Goodwin and I've spent the last decade helping business owners develop content to promote themselves, build their brands and grow their small businesses with a BIG online presence.

I'm a professional writer with a published "bookstore" book and several digital products. I've also performed as a stand-up comedian and if there's one thing I know, it's how to tell a story - and how to figure out what makes a story appealing to your audience.

You probably know that stories engage your audience and help you connect with clients. But your real challenge involves matching your storytelling to your marketing. You need to create the right story for the right audience for the right goal.

After working with many clients over the years, I've developed a system that will help you promote yourself professionally anywhere you go - your website, your networking meeting, your introduction to a speaking gig or anywhere you connect with prospective clients.

What I came up with is the system you can use to promote yourself professionally. You need 3 stories in your repertoire to get started. Once you have those stories, you can use them to build other stories. And you'll never be stuck without marketing tools.

Your copywriting just got a whole lot easier!

No more struggling for just the right turn of phrase: you demonstrate with your stories.

You're genuine, authentic and one-of-a-kind because nobody else owns your story (anyone who tries to imitate will sound fake and hollow).

Prospects get involved emotionally and they remember you (because that's the power of story).

But I also found out that most clients couldn't do this alone. They didn't recognize a "real" marketing story right away. They weren't sure how to structure their storytelling for maximum advantage. They needed a sounding board to try out their ideas.

So I created this program - Build Your Brand One Story At A Time.You discover how to tell stories to promote yourself and show why you're special. You actually create the stories you use. You get lots of feedback and guidance from me. And you get tips on how to use the stories you create for maximum results.


Here's What The Program Looks Like:

"Brand Yourself One Story At A Time in Just 5 Days"

In just five days you will create 3 stories that you can begin using immediately to answer the tough questions, like, "Why should I hire you?" and, "How are you different from everybody else?" You will discover that different occasions, clients and questions require different types of stories. You'll be ready.

S - STORY INGREDIENTS- You will use these ingredients for all your stories - the ones we create here and those you write on your own afterward. As your business grows, you will add more stories and change those you have you will use these tools

T - TRIUMPH STORY - You'll need this story when someone asks you, "How are you different?" or, "What can I expect?" You can use this story as an introduction when you're a featured speaker and notice how listeners become more eager to work with you.

O - ORIGIN STORY - You'll need this story when you're asked, "How did you get into this field?" or, "Why would someone like you be doing something like this?"

R - REFRAME STORY - You'll use this story frequently at networking meetings, when someone asks, "Just what do you do, exactly?" You need this story when your service isn't familiar to your listener or you do things a little differently.

Y - YOU DO IT- You'll find yourself using stories more and more, and you'll notice your marketing becomes easier and more effective. You'll attract more ideal clients because you have a "no surprises!" communication strategy.

Here's what we'll be covering in each of these modules as we lay a foundation for you to build your brand.

Day 1: STORY: Assemble Your Story Ingredients.

Our first step will be to make it easy for you to experience storytelling success. You'll discover the 5 ingredients of a successful story, get a template for creating any kind of story, and recognize the kind of story your market is hungry for. .

Day 2: TRIUMPH: Demonstrate your value with Authenticity and Professionalism.

Here's where you discover how to sell without selling. If you're at all reluctant to toot your own horn, you'll love this module.

Here is where I will really be able to help you make a breakthrough. I'll share my 4-part formula for creating stories about your clients' success. These stories can make the difference between a "yes" and a "maybe" response from your ideal target prospects.

You'll use these Triumph stories everywhere: on your website, in your ezine, on your blog posts and even in your speaking engagements.

Day 3: ORIGIN: Connect Directly To Prospects: your story of origin.

Today you answer the question on every prospect's mind: "Why should I hire you?"

You explain why you're so passionate about what you're doing so your clients realize you'll be their biggest advocate. You will share why and how you started your business - even if you didn't walk in their shoes.

Day 4: REFRAME: Explain exactly what you do so Your prospects "Get" it.

Chances are you're offering a service that didn't exist even five years ago (or you're presenting a new version of an old service). Your prospects don't understand what you offer and what benefits they will receive.

Using a combination of metaphor and story telling, you will develop your own Reframe Story, where you translate your services into words, ideas and core concepts that make your prospect "get it" immediately. (I don't know anyone else who offers this step.) .

Day 5: YOU DO IT: Discover 5 ways to turn your stories into marketing tools.

So now you've gotten off to a good start on your story portfolio. In this module you'll discover 5 ways to use your stories most effectively.

Many marketers fail to use their stories to maximum advantage. You'll get a plan to share your story in multiple places and you can start seeing results from your new style of creating content.

BONUS: For this module, you will get an assignment as usual. You can also submit a revision of any previous assignment so you can additional feedback

And, if you're thinking I'm going to bombard you with too much reading, guess again! Because ...

Each day's reading is only 1-2 pages long!

That's right ... you will not have to read more than two pages for each day's session. The content you'll receive is short and to the point. I'll share the ONLY things you need to know in a concise, right-to-the-point style. And then you use my e-coaching to make the right choices for your own business.

"Okay, Cathy - what's my investment?"

What's it worth to create content that motivates your prospects to like and trust you - the most critical components to the buying decision? What's it worth to get your questions answered quickly, all in one place, hassle free?

Many coaches offer this material only if you sign up for a 5-figure coaching program. My entry coaching program is $297. But you won't pay that amount ... not even $197! For now you get ALL the benefits for
just $97 - less than two weeks of lattes at your favorite coffee shop....less than the cost of a power lunch for two in any major city.

Story Telling 5-Day Virtual Workshop


I look forward to working with you to create your most effective Story Branding Strategy!

Cathy Goodwin



The Fine Print: Many of my clients and class participants have gotten satisfying results from my writing and teaching. Those who purchased and did not follow through with implementation did not see results. Of course we can't promise that you will achieve any particular increase in sales or any specific results. Your own success will depend on many factors, including your talents, skills, market, environment and application of what you learn here.

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